Services: What Type of Editing Do You Need?

Copy editing

A  light copy editing includes checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, word usage, awkward phrases, sentence structure, and consistency.

A medium to heavy copy editing includes checking for the following: redundancy, wordiness, passive voice, extraneous phrases or sentences, tone and cultural sensitivity, appropriate language for your subject and audience, ensuring that content is properly credited and cited, checking references against the manuscript and proper formatting of references. While copy editing your document, I will follow the appropriate style (APA, MLA, Chicago)  and the style required by the academic institution or journal.

Substantive editing

Substantive editing is a heavy editing of the document and addresses the bigger picture—the organization and logical flow of paragraphs and sections of text. With the author’s goals in mind, I examine the overall structure, eliminate repetition, rearrange paragraphs, sections, or chapters to deliver coherent and organized writing. Although I also do some basic copy editing along the way, a final copy edit cannot be done until after the substantive edit is complete because the author may be adding or deleting material as a result of the substantive edit. That material will then need to be copy edited. For those who also need their document to be copy edited, this is often a task for another editor, rather than having the substantive editor do both the substantive edit and the final copy editing.

Developmental editing

A developmental editor assists the author with the many decisions inherent in writing a book, from how many chapters should be in the book to what is the market for the book. A developmental editor may suggest that a chapter at the end of the book be moved earlier, or that a section in a chapter be moved to another chapter. These decisions are based on the mission of the book, the author’s vision, competing books, and the market.  Other developmental editing tasks include: creating a development plan for the book, creating pedagogy and visual content, analyzing peer reviews, analyzing competing titles, a chapter-by chapter edit, paring down the overall length, digital content creation, and media integration. I also offer:

  • Manuscript evaluation – will your text sell?
  • Editing the book proposal and sample chapters to submit to publishers.
  • Consulting for publishers who request an independent evaluation of a manuscript.



I offer editing in MLA, APA, or Chicago styles. Please send me any specific style guidelines provided by the journal or university.


Per industry standards, a manuscript page is considered 250 words. I base my project rate on the number of manuscript pages to be edited. A partial payment is requested up front to my Paypal account. The final payment must be made prior to my sending you the final edited document. For longer projects, payments may be made incrementally.

Please note that after the initial phone consultation, any additional phone consultations will be charged at an hourly rate. Rush jobs are any projects that have a deadline in less than one week from the start date. The fee for rush work is an additional 15 percent. The fee is based on one round of editing. If any of the manuscript is sent back for additional editing, an additional fee will be incurred.

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